Schedule Spring 2017

Speaker Affiliation Title Location Date Time
Yasushi Watarai Department of Environment Systems, Faculty of Geo-environment Science, Rissho University Long-term Trends and Variations of the Jet Stream in the Northern Hemisphere AKA 407 2017-01-25 1400
G. Javier Fochesatto GI, CNSM, DAS Despiking Methods applied to Meteorological Data AKA 407 2-22 1400
Houston students University of Houston, various departments VLF, IRIG-B, Tomography, Airglow, Gaseous Compounds AKA 407 3-8 1400
Houston students University of Houston, various departments Extremophiles: Design of a novel atmospheric sampling mechanism for capturing radiation resistant bacteria from the stratosphere.

Auroral Spectroscopy: Balloon-borne spectroscope capable of analyzing auroral excitation of certain atmospheric compounds

Star-Tracker: Using a gyroscopically stabilized camera to take long exposure photos of a star-field and compare them with existing star-maps to determine attitude of payload without needing an earth based reference frame.

Ozone Spectroscopy: A balloon-borne instrument that uses laser/photodiode to analyze quantized packets of air to create an ozone altitude profile.

AKA 401 3-24 1400
Richard L. Collins GI, CNSM, DAS New Research at Poker Flat Research Range AKA 407 3-29 1400
Jingquin Mao GI, CNSM, Dept. Chemistry Two tales of chemistry-climate interaction AKA 401 4-19 1400
Uma S. Bhatt GI, CNSM, DAS Papers - A New Citation System -Tutorial AKA 407 5-5 1400
Abraham Emdalawama IARC, CNSM, DAS VIC Permafrost and Climate Change AKA 401 TBA TBA
Cai Lei CNSM, DAS Global and local contributors to the historical and projected regional climate change on the North Slope of Alaska AKA 401 8-10 1300