About Me

Nicole Mölders

Nicole Mölders Photo by G. Kramm (2013)


I am Nicole Mölders, your professor of Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences. Welcome to ATM601, ATM401, and CHEM601 Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences

Teaching experience

Since 1995, in Germany and the United States, I have taught cloud physics, satellite meteorology, physical hydrometeorology, paleoclimatology, parameterization of hydrometeorological processes, numerical modeling and parameterization methods, mesoscale dynamics, introduction to computational meteorology and introduction to atmospheric sciences.

I am one of the authors of the book Lectures in Meteorology that we will use in this class.

Research Interests

I am interested in human impacts on weather, climate and air quality. I am the author of Land-use and Land-cover changes - impacts on climate and air quality.

Let me know what your research interests are. I am curios and would love to tailor class applications to the students' interests.

Fun fact

I am a fashion blogger.