Schedule Spring 2011

Atmospheric Sciences Informal Seminar Spring/Summer 2011

In the ASIS, we only allow interruptions that are to clarify a point that is required to understand the talk. This culture may differ from those in other seminars on campus. The reason why we established this culture is to encourage students to give talks in the ASIS and in spring the ASIS is joined with ATM688, a 1-credit class (see syllabus). If a seminar has a culture of permanent interruptions and discussion during the talk, it will be very unlikely that students will give talks and get the opportunity (and experience) to give a talk before their actual thesis defense. Students taking ATM688 do not have to attend seminars prior to the start or after the end of the semester.

Date Time Speaker, affiliation and title of the presentation Room
2-16-2011 13:30 Huy N.Q. Tran, CNSM DAS, Geophysical Insititute (GI) Atmospheric Science Group (ASG), Investigation on contribution of Point sources emission on the Fairbanks PM2.5 non-attainment area by mean of numerical modeling Akasofu 401
3-2-2011 2:00pm Trang T. Tran, CNSM, DAS, ARSC, Effects of changing ship and Asian emissions on sulfate concentrations in Alaska Akasofu 417
3-15-2011 to 3-16-2011 all day Alaska Weather Symposium, see agenda Elvy Auditorium
4-13-2011 1:30pm Kramm, Gerhard, GI ASG, Scrutinizing the atmospheric greenhouse effect and its climatic impact Akasofu 401
4-21-2011 8:30pm Oceana Francis, IARC, CNSM DAS, Atmospheric forcing of wave states in the south-eastern Chukchi Sea Akasofu 401
4-27-2011 1:30pm Nicole Mölders, CNSM DAS, GI ASG, Assessment of aerosol modeling Akasofu 401
5-19-2011 1:30pm Joseph G. Alfieri, USDA, ARS, Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory, From Point to Pixel: The Effects of Surface Heterogeneity from Measurements to Models Akasofu 401
6-10-2011 1:30pm Zhu, Jiang, GINA, A global cirrus cloud climatology from CALIPSO data, PhD thesis defense Akasofu 401
7-14-2011 TBA Oliver Damann, ARSC, CNSM DAS, thesis defense, Validity of Arctic sea-ice variability in climate models Akasofu 401

For further information or if you want to give a presentation in the Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar please contact the coordinator of the Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar Nicole Mölders, phone: 474-7910, email: