Schedule fall 2019

Speaker Affiliation Title Location Date Time
Stanley Edwin CATG, CNSM-DAS Exposure of Rural Communities in the Interior Alaska Yukon Flats to PM2.5 Thesis proposal AKA 401 8-27 1300
Till Baumann IARC, CNSM-DAS Response of major modes of eastern Arctic Ocean variability to climate change, PhD thesis defense Aka 401 10-8 930
Uma S. Bhatt GI, IARC, CNSM-DAS Indicators of climate drivers of tundra vegetation change AKA 407 10-30 1300
Jennifer Alspach GI, CNSM-DAS Lidar and Satellite Studies of Noctilucent Clouds Over Alaska AKA 401 11-21 1500
Yang Yang IARC, CNSM-DAS Characteristics of Arctic Storms and their Influence on Surface Climate 11-27 Aka 401 1300