Schedule Fall 2017

Speaker Affiliation Title Location Date Time
Gerald Lehmacher Clemson University, Clemson, SC Day-to-day variation of equatorial 150-km echoes and ionosonde data: an important puzzle piece Elvy 214 8-31 1615
G. Javier Fochesatto GI-ASG, CNSM-DAS Research at GPL Aka 407 9-29 1300
Kerri Pratt University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Atmospheric aerosol sources and chemical composition in a changing Arctic Reichardt 201 10-10 1600
Pierre-Dominique Paulet Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences, Utah State University, Logan, UT Investigating upper atmosphere dynamics with the Advanced Mesospheric Temperature Mapper AKA 407 10-25 1600
Chris Waigl GI-ASG, CNSM, G&G TBA TBA 10-30 1600
Martin Stuefer GI-ASG, Alaska Climate Research Center Alaska Climate Research Center and affiliated research project work Aka 407 Cancelled/postponed 1300
Jon Allen DAS Forecasting Coastal Storm Surge Due to Sea Level Rise on the Yukon-Kuskowim Delta Aka 401 11-27 1400
Ipshita Maijhi DAS Hydroclimate in Eurasia from the Arctic to the Tropics, Ph.D. defense AKA 401 11-29 1400
Rick Lader DAS-IARC Projected Temperature and Precipitation Extremes for Alaska and Their Impacts AKA 401 12-5 1000
Lei Cai DAS-IARC Global and local contributors to the historical and projected regional climate change on the North Slope of Alaska, Ph.D. defense AKA 401 12-5 1400

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