Schedule Fall 2016

Speaker Affiliation Title Location Date Time
Catherine F. Cahill GI-ASG, ACUASI director UAVs in the Arctic AKA 407 9-7-2016 1400
Liran Peng IARC, DAS Observational study of an Arctic storm on board the Korean research vessel Araon AKA 407 9-28-2016 1400
William R. Simpson GI-ASG, CNSM, Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry Trace gas measurement campaign on the Arctic Ocean and sea-ice AKA 407 10-26-2016 1400
Uma S. Bhatt GI-ASG, CNSM Department of Atmospheric Sciences Fire weather AKA 407 11-2-2016 1400
Suyn-Ichi Akasofu IARC Climate Change AKA 401 11-23-2016 945
Abraham Emdalawama IARC, CNSM Department of Atmospheric Sciences VIC Permafrost and Climate Change AKA 501 10-23-2016 1100
Takuro Aizawa CCS University of Tsukub Dynamical Structure of the Long Lasting Summer
Arctic Cyclones
AKA 407 11-23-2016 1400
Tomohiro Sunaga CCS University of Tsukub Difference between the Arctic Oscillation and
the North Atlantic Oscillation in a Phase Space
AKA 407 11-23-2016 1415
Makoto Sakurai CCS University of Tsukub Modification of the Baroclinic Instability associated with the Arctic Amplification AKA 407 11-23-2016 1430
Shumpei Terauchi CCS University of Tsukub Forecast of the Local Heavy Rain by Using
Ensemble Variational Data Assimilation Method
AKA 407 11-23-2016 1445
Tsuyoshi Sasaki CCS University of Tsukub A Study on the Relation between Ferrel Circulation
and Extratropical Cyclone
AKA 407 11-23-2016 1500
Takaharu Otsuka CCS University of Tsukub Relationship between the Blocking High and the Arctic Oscillation AKA 407 11-23-2016 1515
Takuya Kurihana CCS University of Tsukub Comparison of the 4D-Var and the Kalman Filter Data Assimilation Methods AKA 407 11-23-2016 1530
Azusa Endo CCS University of Tsukub Eigen-solution of the Antarctic Oscillation by the Spectral Linear Baroclinic Model AKA 407 11-23-2016 1545
Ipshita Majhi CNSM, Department of Atmospheric Sciences Hydroclimate in Eurasia from the Arctic to the Tropics AKA 401 11-29-2016 1400
Nicole Mölders GI-ASG, CNSM Department of Atmospheric Sciences Cruise ship tourism, and climate change in Glacier Bay - an air quality management challenge in a dynamic system AKA 407 12-7-2016 1400