Schedule Fall 2005

Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar Fall 2005

date time Speaker, affiliation and title of the presentation room
8/24/2005 1:30pm Hermann Manstein, DLR, Contrail observing systems IARC 401
9/14/2005 1:30pm Kara Sterling, IARC and CNSM Atmospheric Science Program, Multi-decadal variability in Atlantic Water heat transports IARC 401
9/28/2005 1:30pm Gerhard Kramm, GI Atmospheric Sciences, Assessing micrometeorological methods for determining the evapotranspiration over natural surfaces IARC 401
10/12/2005 1:30pm William R. Simpson, GI Atmospheric Science Group and Chemistry Department, Bromine oxide and mecrury deposition in the Arctic IARC 401
10/26/2005 1:30pm TBA IARC 401
11/9/2005 1:30pm Hiroshi L. Tanaka, University of Tsukuba, Japan, Dynamic Origin of the Arctic Oscillation IARC 401
11/30/2005 1:30pm Xiangdong Zhang, IARC JAMSTEC, Regional and seasonal storm activities in the Arctic IARC 417
12/7/2005 1:30pm Zhao (Jane) Li, GI and CNSM, Investigations on the impact of radiative forcing on the global and selected regional water cycles IARC 401
12/14/2005 1:30pm Tomoki Nakayama, STE Labs, Nagoya University, Laboratory studies on photochemical processes of NOx in the middle atmosphere IARC 401

Upcoming seminars in spring 2006

Jeff S. Tilley, University of North Dakota Polar mesoscale modeling TBA
John E. Walsh, IARC Climate modeling TBA

For further information or if you want to give a presentation in the Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar please contact the coordinator of the Atmospheric Science Informal SeminarNicole Mölders, phone: 474-7910, email:

Note that the Atmospheric Sciences Seminar is joint with ATM688, a 1-credit class. Students taking this as a class do not have to attend seminar prior to the start or after the end of the semester.