Schedule Fall 2003

Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar Fall 2003

date time speaker title of presentation room
9/3/2003 1:30pm Likun Wang, GI and CSEM The homogeneity of mid-latitude cirrus cloud structural properties analyzed from the extended FARS dataset IARC 401
9/10/2003 1:30pm Gerhard Kramm, GI ASG Exchange of ozone and highly reactive nitrogen compounds between the atmosphere and biosphere IARC 401
9/24/2003 1:30pm Florent Domini, Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Geophysique de l'Environnemen Air snow exchanges of trace gases: impact on atmospheric chemistry and on ice core interpretation IARC 401
10/1/2003 1:30pm William (Bill) S. Simpson, GI ASG and Dept. of chemistry NO3-detection IARC 401
10/15/2003 1:30pm Glenn Shaw, GI ASG, Atmospheric Science program Clouds, art and climate IARC 401
10/29/2003 1:30pm John E. Walsh, IARC Projections of Arctic change IARC 401
11/12/2003 1:30pm Martha Shultski, Arctic Climate Center Contrails and their radiative effects IARC 401
11/26/2003 1:30pm Clara Deal, IARC FRONTIER Absorption of UV radiation by chromophoric dissolved orgainc matter (CDOM) in the Bering and Chukchi Seas and its role in dimethyl sulfide (DMS) Photolysis IARC 401
12/3/2003 1:30pm Jing Zhang, GI ASG Development of the Arctic MM5 IARC 401

Upcoming seminars in spring 2004

Jeff S. Tilley, University of North Dakota Polar mesoscale modeling TBA

For further information or if you want to give a presentation in the Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar please contact the coordinator of the Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar

Nicole Mölders, phone: 474-7910, email:

Note that the Atmospheric Sciences Seminar is joint with ATM693, a 1-credit class. Students taking this as a class do not have to attend the seminar on 9/3/2003.